Lace Fairy Watercolour

For Inktober 2016 I made a colouring book, but never ended up colouring or using my art for anything else. This was taken from the book, and I’m sure I’ll revisit the illustrations in time.

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Watercolour Tadpole Mermaid

While I was painting this, I made an error that I thought had ruined the painting. I was so distraught that I created a finished digital piece (here) before coming back to the watercolour painting. I ended up salvaging it and now I prefer it to other pieces. 🙂

Juniper Trail Watercolour

I painted this in June 2017 just above the Radium Hot Springs, about 10 mins into the Juniper Trail in the Rocky Mountains. I sat on a bench with my husband for two hours as I soaked in the panorama.

Scaley Dog

I don’t own a lizard – I’ve only had the pleasure of owning a garter snake for a month before my mom grew tired of it and set it free. (RIP Chomper, hope you found yourself a nice snake girl and had lots of noodley babies.)

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